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2000 AD Prog 1562

2000 AD Prog 1562

Released 7th Nov 2007

Episodes include:

Button Man » Book IV: The Hitman's Daughter (part 12)

Thirty seconds into your future... Harry Exton was a Button Man, a player in the lethal Killing Game, where modern-day gladiators fought for the pleasure of the mysterious Voices, the rich backers who set up the contests. But Harry quit, leaving the country and the slaughter behind him, only to find that no one walks away from the Game and lives...

Judge Dredd » Mandroid: Instrument of War (part 8)

Mega-City One, 2129 AD. This vast urban nightmare is situated along the eastern coast of post-apocalyptic North America, with the irradiated wasteland known as the Cursed Earth to the west and the polluted Black Atlantic to the east. Home to 400 million citizens, crammed into giant citi-blocks, overcrowding is rife, unemployment endemic and boredom universal. Tensions run a constant knife-edge, and crime is rampant. Only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. Empowered to dispense instant justice, these lawman are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD - he is the Law! Two years ago, the cybernetic ex-soldier Nate Slaughterhouse went on a vigilante killing spree, wanting revenge for his son's murder and the disappearance of his wife. Arrested by Dredd, he now broods in his Iso-cube...

Nikolai Dante » The Chaperone (part 3)

Year of the Tsar 2674 AD, and bastard son of the Romanovs NIKOLAI DANTE has bonded with a cyborganic Weapons Crest, an alien combat computer, which gives him accelerated healing and allows him to extrude lethal bio-blades. Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror has made Dante his troubleshooter, and following the events in the Thieves' World relations in the royal court are strained...

Sinister Dexter » Life is an Open Casket (part 3)

The swollen city of Downlode lies sprawled across the heart of future Europe like a hit-and-run victim. Here, life is cheap - if you wanted somebody whacked, you couldn't buy better bullet-monkeys than Finnegan SINISTER and Ramone DEXTER, the city's primo hitmen. Following their escape from jail, the prima killerinas have returned to the city...

The Red Seas » War Stories (part 1)

Captain Jack Dancer and his motley crew of pirates ruled the waves in the sixteenth century, wanted by the British Navy for their nefarious deeds. But Dancer's adventures amount to more than just mere theft and pillage - he's faced down the Devil, crossed the lands of the dead and travelled beneath the Earth. His legacy spans generations...

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