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Judge Dredd Megazine 213

Print Edition - 24th Dec 2003

Episodes include:

The Interrogation Cube (Part 13)

Devlin Waugh » Red Tide (Part 12)

Mediterranean Free State, 2129 AD. In a world where psychic phenomena are commonplace and horrors from beyond might invade our reality at any moment, one man stands firm against the terror - athlete, aesthete and vampire Devlin Waugh, the Vatican's best freelance exorcist.

Apocalypse Soon » Apocalypse Soon (Part 10)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse await the end of the world...

XTNCT » XTNCT (Part 5)

Earth's far future, where the last remaining humans wage a war of attrition against one another, their armies GM creatures. Dinosaur commandos Rex, Trike, Aviatrix and Raptor, plus the plant-form Forest, are loyal to Father - but is He loyal to them?

Judge Death » The Wilderness Days (Part 5)

The alien superfiend from a twisted dimension where all life is a crime, Judge Death has attempted to destroy Mega-City One many times. Judge Death started out as a young boy called Sidney De'ath - as the son of a dentist, he grew up surrounded by pain and misery!

Armitage » Apostasy in the UK (Part 2)

Brit-Cit, 2130 AD. Detective-Judge Armitage is the best plainclothes operative in the Brit-Cit Justice Department, trawling the seamy underbelly of a rotten state. Often clashing with the bureaucracy that he sees as hindering any CID investigation, he's also arrogant, opinionated and stubborn - as his long-suffering partner Treasure Steel knows all too well...

Judge Dredd » Crime of Passion (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2130 AD. This vast urban nightmare on the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America is home to 400 million citizens, every one a potential criminal. With lawlessness rife, only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. These future lawmen are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd - he is the Law! Inspired by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry; the film poster for Death Race 2000. The name Judge Dredd came from Pat Mills who was originally going to use it for a different character. The first Judge Dredd story published was drawn by Mike McMahon, not co-creator Carlos Ezquerra. Ezquerra was so upset that he didn't draw Dredd for five years afterwards, only returning for the Apocalypse War mega-epic.

You're Next, Punk! » It'sh Jedge Drudd (hic!) (Part 1)

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