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Lenny Zero
It Takes A Special Kind Of Crimnal To Survive On The Mean Streets Of Mega-city One. Here Are Some Of The Best.

Digital Edition - 15th Aug 2013

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Alan Grant, Andy Diggle, Gordon Rennie, John Wagner, Robbie Morrison, Steve White
Greg Staples, Henry Flint, Jock, Robert McCallum, Simon Coleby, Steve Dillon, Xuasus, Steve Tappin
Chris Blythe
Annie Parkhouse, Ellie De Ville, Tom Frame

Meet Lenny Zero; an undercover Judge who mixes with the worst kind of scum that Mega-City One has to offer.

Slick Dickens, master criminal and style trendsetter is always ahead of the pack. He’s a master assassin with an eye for fashion – but can any real person ever be this cool?

Featuring the first collaboration between Andy Diggle and Jock, the creative team behind The Losers and additional stories from such talents as John Wagner (A History of Violence), Henry Flint (Omega Men) and Steve Dillon (Preacher), this fantastic collection of sci-fi noir is not to be missed!

Stories include:


  • Author Bios
  • Sketch Book

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