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Ten-Seconders: Complete Digital Edition

Digital Edition - 1st Mar 2016

Book in the series

Rob Williams
Ben Oliver, Ben Willsher, Dom Reardon, Edmund Bagwell, Mark Harrison, Shaun Thomas
Ellie De Ville


Earth - the near future. Humanity has all but been destroyed by a race of super-powered beings who initially offered to help mankind, but really intended to rule them. Those who fight back against the tyranny of the ‘Gods’ are nicknamed the ‘Ten-Seconders’ – so called because that is the average life expectancy given to those brave enough to battle the overwhelmingly-powerful opposition. Written by Rob Williams (Low Life, Cla$$war), and featuring art by Mark Harrison (Durham Red), Dom Reardon (Ichabod Azrael), Shaun Thomas (Middenface McNulty) and Ben Oliver (Judge Dredd), The Ten-Seconders is an action-packed tale of super-powered mayhem!

This digital edition collects the completed story, including the epic series finale 'Godsend.'

Stories include:


  • Cover Gallery
  • Original Series Pitch
  • Mark Harrison Concept Art
  • Creator Bios

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