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Prog 1330

Digital Edition - 5th Mar 2003

Episodes include:

Judge Dredd vs. Aliens » Incubus (Part 10)

The terrifying xenomorphs come to Mega-City One - and only Dredd can stop them!

Bec & Kawl » eeevil.com (Part 3)

Sharing a flat in the less-than-salubrious Swineboil Apartments, BECCY Miller and Jarrod KAWL are students at the local art college. She's a goth-chick aspiring artist with a death obsession, he's a movie-geek film student. Magnets for every ectoplasmic event, they could be our last hope against the horrors of the beyond - if only they could get off their arses...

Atavar » Atavar II (Part 2)

Atavar was the last surviving member of the human race, cloned from dead genetic material and resurrected by the Kalen in a last desperate bid to save an entire system from extinction by the UOS - Universal Operating System, a servitor machine species built by mankind. But the Atavar gambit failed when he refused to destroy humanity's creation, trying instead to broker peace...

The V.C.'s » Bystander (Part 1)

Tales of Telguuth » Pagrok the Infallible (Part 1)

TELGUUTH - an alien world nestled amid the clustered stars and nebulae of the galactic hub, where the gravitic warping of space opens portals to other dimensions.

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