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2000 AD Prog 1342

2000 AD Prog 1342

Released 28th May 2003

Episodes include:

Snow/Tiger » Pax Americana (part 7)

USA, April 2003. Codenames SNOW and TIGER are agents of T.A.C.T.I.C (Trans-Atlantic Counter-Terrorist Intelligence Command), a joint British/American covert ops agency set up to combat international terrorism in all its forms. A cautious lateral thinker, Snow is a British Intelligence Officer of Arabic descent, who believes negotiation, diplomacy and learning to understand your enemy are essential to defeating terrorism, while her partner Tiger is an ex-U.S. Delta Force soldier, for whom direct action is the only possible solution. Their diametrically opposed beliefs are the source of much conflict - but in today's shifting international landscape, nothing is ever quite as it seems. Now, Islamic extremists have taken staff hostages at Atlanta's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention...

Interceptor » Interceptor (part 6)

New York City, 2478. Former combat surgeon Doctor Lyra Darius is as passionate about saving lives at Guilliani General as she is about her boyfriend, Distract Attorney Marcus Cross. But at the end of a gruelling forty-eight-hour rotation in Emergency, all she's looking forward to is a quiet, relaxing evening - but when a gunshot victim is wheeled in demanding attention, her life is about to take a very weird turn...

Tharg's Future Shocks » Bad Thoughts (part 1)

Out in the vast reaches of the universe, there are an infinite number of tales waiting to be told. From the lowliest swamp denizens to rulers of entire star systems, anything is possible in these stories of courage, greed, power and revenge - but, most importantly, nothing is ever what it seems. Abandon your preconceptions, expect the unexpected and take a trip beyond the edges of the imagination...

Judge Dredd » Revenge of the Chief Judge's Man (part 1)

Mega-City One, 2125 - a vast metropolis where crime spirals out of control. This urban nightmare is home to 400 million citizens - every one a potential criminal - and with unemployment endemic and boredom universal, only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. Empowered to dispense instant justice, these future lawman are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD - he is the Law!

Lobster Random » No Gain, No Pain (part 1)

Ugly of temper and with a pair of claws surgically crafted onto his sides, LOBSTER RANDOM was a genetically modified soldier, adapted to never need sleep or to feel pain. After being discharged from the military he found his talents lay in the art of torture, and hired out his services for any client who required information and wasn't squeamish about the methods employed to get it. But Random's criminal past has caught up with him and he now faces state execution...

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