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2000 AD Prog 1379

2000 AD Prog 1379

Released 3rd Mar 2004

Episodes include:

The Red Seas » Twilight of the Idols (part 10)

1761, New Providence Island. Captain Jack Dancer, former officer with the British Navy, and his motley crew are one of the most infamous band of pirates preying on the Southern seas. But following the events of the previous year, when Dancer and his men sought to save the captain's girlfriend Isabella from the clutches of the evil Dr Orlando Doyle, they find themselves without a ship or two farthings to rub together...

The V.C.'s » Down (part 10)

2581 AD, Earth Solar System. Fifty years have passed since the end of the first human/Geek conflict. Once a star-trooper and member of the battle unit known as THE V.C.s, Steve Smith is haunted by the memories of his fallen comrades. But now the Geeks have attacked again and Earth is once more at war with the alien menace. Now, in an attempt to get a warning home, Smith’s crew have crashed on the ice-moon of Charon…

Valkyries » Valkyries (part 3)

The far future. The Ring is a galactic empire covering six planets, with Earth at its hub. Governed and populated almost exclusively by women - under the rule of Queen Hildegard - men within this societyhave no position other than for for entertainment. Referred to as 'peacocks', they are used for the pleasure of the decadent noblewomen that make up the imperial court. One such noblewoman is Kara Signysdottir, who was kidnapped by the male agitator Egil Ragnersson. He inserted his personality into her cerebral cortex shortly before he was killed by Kara's bodyguards. Egil has knowledge of a male terrorist organisation that could destroy The Ring...

Droid Life » Page 14 (part 2)

Comical tales from the Nerve Centre sub-basement as Tharg's minions put together the Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

Judge Dredd » Brothers Of The Blood (part 2)

Mega-City One, 2126 - a vast metropolis on the eastern seaboard of post-apocalyptic North America, where crime spirals out of control. This urban nightmare is home to 400 million citizens - every one a potential criminal - and with unemployment endemic and boredom universal, only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. Empowered to dispense instant justice, these future lawman are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd - he is the Law! Dredd is a clone of Fargo, the Father of Justice, and his bloodline is the most prestigious in the city. In a bid to create other Judges of his calibre, more clones are being put through the Academy of the Law...

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