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2000 AD Prog 1520

2000 AD Prog 1520

Released 17th Jan 2007

Episodes include:

Nikolai Dante » Deadlier than the Male (part 3)

Year of the Tsar 2674 AD, and bastard son of the Romanovs NIKOLAI DANTE has bonded with a cyborganic Weapons Crest, an alien combat computer, which gives him accelerated healing and allows him to extrude lethal bio-blades. Following the civil war, Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror is strengthening his control over Imperial Russia, and he's appointed Dante his troubleshooter...

Stickleback » Mother London (part 4)

London, the turn of the nineteenth century. In this sprawling city, the inhabitants live in fear of a villainous character only spoken about in whispers. He's rumoured to be a master criminal, pulling the strings amidst the denizens of the underworld, manipulating them to his own ends. He's calledĀ STICKLEBACK, and Detective Valentine Bay and Sergeant Leaonard Chipps, operating out of Ludgate Hill police station, are trying to hunt him down. But Stickleback has eyes and ears all over London, as well as a loyal cadre of lieutenants - he won't be captured easily...

A.B.C. Warriors » The Volgan War Book I (part 3)

Mars, the far future. War droids created for a conflict that ended centuries ago, theĀ A.B.C. WARRIORS - comprising of leader Hammerstein, sharpshooter Joe Pineapples, the treacherous Blackblood, acolyte of Khaos Deadlock, the brutish Mongrol, battle-tank Mek-Quake and the voice of the planet Steelhorn - are resistant to Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical warfare. Recruited to bring peace to the civil war-ravaged frontier colonies on the Red Planet, the Mek-nificient Seven have recently survived an assassination attempt by mercenary robots in the employ of the Confederacy...

Kingdom » Kingdom (part 4)

Out into the wilderness they trek, led by the Urgings from their Masters, charged with keeping Them off of his lawn. The pack, led by Gene the Hackman, and comprising of Jack So Wild, Run Run Shaw, Tod of Much Slaughter, Maryan Faithful, Louey Armstrong, Old Man Gary and Ginny Woolf - strong, experienced soldiers that had performed this task many times before - didn't exactly know what Them were, but they had their orders, and Them were to be scrapped at every opportunity. That was their job. It was all they had known. The Masters were to be obeyed at all times...

Judge Dredd » The Streets of Dan Francisco (part 1)

Mega-City One, 2129 AD. This vast urban nightmare is situated along the eastern coast of post-apocalyptic North America, with the irradiated wasteland known as the Cursed Earth to the west and the polluted Black Atlantic to the east. Home to 400 million citizens, crammed into giant citi-blocks, overcrowding is rife, unemployment endemic and boredom universal. Tensions run a constant knife-edge, and crime is rampant. Only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. Empowered to dispense instant justice, these lawman are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD - he is the Law! In this Origins interlude, Dan Francisco is the popular face of Mega-City law enforcement, a Judge who has his own Tri-D show... But in his quest for ratings, has he overstepped the mark?

Droid Life » Hippies? Really? (part 1)

Comical tales from the Nerve Centre sub-basement as Tharg's minions put together the Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

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