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2000 AD Prog 2256

2000 AD Prog 2256
Total Excitement Overload

Released 3rd Nov 2021

Cavan Scott, David Baillie, James Peaty, Liam Johnson & Colin Harvey
Ben Willsher, Colin MacNeil, Steve Roberts, Luke Horsman & Tom Newell
Chris Blythe, Gary Caldwell, John Charles & Jim Boswell
Annie Parkhouse, Jim Campbell & Simon Bowland


Episodes include:

Cadet Dredd » Full Throttle (part 1)

Mega-City One, 2076 AD. Home to over 800 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. On one side is the polluted Black Atlantic, and to the west is the blasted Radlands of the Cursed Earth. Overcrowding in the metropolis is rife, unemployment is at ninety per cent, boredom is universal and crime is rampant. Only the Judges — a zero-tolerance police force empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. CADET JOE DREDD — together with his clone-brother Rico — is a rising star in Justice Department, and will one day be its finest officer. Make no mistake, he is the Law!

Scooter & Jinx » Scooter & Jinx (part 1)

Eco-Point, a space station out near the Daedalus Spiral, is a place where all manner of species from across the galaxy congregate as they pass through on their various journeys. Mondo’s Mektail Bar is a favourite watering hole for the hungry and thirsty traveller, and waitress Scooter Occultatum is expecting a quiet afternoon’s business — but then again she wasn’t anticipating Jinx Calhoun to be amongst the customers, a rogue and a thief, who has more than enough secrets of his own. Not least the gangsters that are on his tail, who want to get their hands on something Jinx has stolen. The pair are about to cross paths in a very explosive fashion..

Enemy Earth » The Bunker (part 1)

Perhaps mankind should’ve expected it, given the destruction humanity has wrought upon the planet Earth. Acres of forests bulldozed, waterways polluted, animal life driven to extinction — there was always going to be a point in which the world decided that enough was enough, and Mother Nature would turn against the people that lived upon its surface and treated it so disrespectfully. So it came without warning — when Earth’s flora and fauna mutated and suddenly started attacking everyone. Quickly, civilisation crumbled as systems of government, TV and the internet all collapsed, leaving survivors to fend for themselves...

The Twisters » Temporal Tantrum (part 1)

Forget what you think you understand, Earthlets, about your species’ limited notion of time. Take nothing for granted when it comes to human history, or an unknowable future — the process of time can be broken, bent back on itself, or even sent in entirely the wrong direction. These complete head-spinning tales warp the very fabric of chronology itself, and established events can be changed by the unwary dabbler in time travel. Take, for example, the case of Garzan Tarfett, an internet influencer, whose vast army followers hang on her every word (which she is, of course, very keen to monetise). Hungry for more fame, she heads into the past...

Strontium Dug » Strontium Dug (part 1)

Following the Great Atom War of 2150, many of the survivors were mutated by the radioactive Strontium 90 fallout, creating an underclass despised and feared by the ‘norms’. These mutants were forced to live in ghettos, and the only job open to them was bounty hunting as Search/Destroy agents. The most famous of these so-called STRONTIUM DOGs is Johnny Alpha, who was regularly accompanied on missions by friend and fellow mutant Archibald ‘Middenface’ McNulty. Now, as McNulty has his own quarry to chase — a criminal known as Steeds Cryptoplex — he’s brought with him his granny’s dog, Dougal IX...