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The Aliens Are Coming!

Print Edition - 8th Dec 2009

Book in the series

Rob Williams
Boo Cook
Ellie De Ville

IT'S THE YEAR 2378 AND, FOLLOWING COUNTLESS WARS AND ACTS OF TERRORISM, EARTH'S NATIONS HAVE SEALED THEMSELVES BENEATH HUGE DOMES. For any aliens seeking refuge, they must be processed on a holding station tethered above the planet and run by an organisation known as The Church. Off-worlders seeking to enter Earth illegally are tracked down by Alien Hunters such as Marshall Holt, whose half-breed nature means he is psychically attuned to his quarries. But while Holt battles the insurgents, he must also battle prejudice from his own kind, revealing a plan almost too terrible to imagine! Written by Rob Williams (Low Life, Star Wars: Rebellion) with art by Boo Cook (Harry Kipling) this provocative story is 2000 AD at its very best!

Stories include:


  • Introduction By Rob Williams
  • Boo Cook Sketchbook
  • Boo Cook Interview
  • Author Biographies
  • Covers Gallery

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