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Shakara: The Destroyer
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Shakara Scorned!

Print Edition - 25th Feb 2013

Book 2 in the series

Robbie Morrison
Henry Flint
Ellie De Ville

Reality is teetering on the edge of oblivion! The Shakaran warrior known as Cinnibar Brennekka has activated a terrifying weapon called the God Machine, and once it destroys everything he will be the ultimate master of a new universe created in his image.

Only one thing can stop Brenneka from succeeding. A vengeance-fuelled being called Shakara – the living embodiment of a murdered species – is out to kill the last of his kind, and there isn’t another creature in the whole of existence that will get in its way!

Be prepared for a tale of monumental carnage and devastation!

Stories include:


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