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Button Man: Get Harry Ex

Button Man: Get Harry Ex

Released 4th Apr 2018

John Wagner
Arthur Ranson

The world didn’t seem to need a man like Harry Exton anymore. an ex-soldier and mercenary, Harry was a human-killing machine without a Vocation, until an old colleague told him about ‘The Game’. The players, known as ‘Button Men’ are paid to fight to the death in a modern-day gladiatorial contest. Organised by mysterious backers known as ‘Voices’, the killing game offers bountiful financial rewards... if you live. Harry decides to participate, but soon discovers that death offers the only way out!

Written by John Wagner (Judge Dredd, A History of Violence) with art by Arthur Ranson (Anderson: Psi Division, Mazeworld) Button Man is an action-packed thriller, deservedly regarded as one of the greatest strips ever to be published in 2000 AD

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