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Aquila: Blood of the Iceni
Enter The Soul Trader!

Released 13th Jan 2016

Book 1 in the series.

Gordon Rennie
Leigh Gallagher & Patrick Goddard

IT WAS A TIME OF GREAT TURMOIL. Slave-turned-gladiator, Aquila was amongst those crucified following Spartacus’s failed revolt. Dying a slow death, he cried out to the gods for vengeance – and Ammit the Devourer answered, offering him invulnerability in return for the souls of evil men. Now, Aquila hunts the breadth of the Empire determined to repay his unholy debt.

Aquila is a blood-soaked action adventure from the creative team of Gordon Rennie (Absalom, White Trash), Leigh Gallagher (Defoe, Bionicle) and Patrick Goddard (Savage, Sinister Dexter).

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