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The Complete Future Shocks Volume 1

Released 13th Jun 2018

Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Alan Moore, Barry Clements, Charles Swift, Chris Lowder, Chris Stevens, Gary Rice, Hunter Tremayne, Jan Garczynski, John Richardson, Kelvin Gosnell, Martin Lock, Mike Cruden, Nick Tufnell, Peter Harris, Peter Milligan, Philip Greenaway, Richard Burton, Robert Flynn, Roy Preston, Stan Nicholls, Steve Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Unknown, John Wagner, John Higgins & Garry Leach
Brendan McCarthy, Brett Ewins, Brian Bolland, Garry Leach, Horacio Lalia, Ian Gibson, Ian Kennedy, Jesus Redondo, Kevin O'Neill, Marzal Canos, Massimo Belardinelli, Ron Turner, Steve Dillon, Carlos Ezquerra, Trevor Goring, Pat Wright, Jose Luis Ferrer, Mike Dorey, Ramon Sola, John Cooper, Giorgi, Mike Collins, Jim McCarthy, Ron Tiner, Jose Casanovas, Pierre Frisano, Carlos Pino, Vanyo, Mike White, John Richardson, John Higgins, Eric Bradbury, Steve Kyte & Jeff Anderson
Chris Blythe
Peter Knight, Tom Frame, John Aldrich, Jack Potter, Annie Parkhouse & Steve Potter
Cover Artist
Carlos Ezquerra


In the realities before 2000 AD existed, raw chaos reigned.

Then Tharg unleashed Thrill-Power throughout the universe.

But such power needs to be contained and so the ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ began to take shape.

Within its pages were some of the most ghafflebette strips ever to see print, including a one off, sci-fi short with an incredible twist. Soon it became a scrotnig way of sourcing new talent – the nature of Tharg’s Future Shocks was irrepressible!

 This exciting first volume takes us back to the earliest days of the strip and showcases the burgeoning, immense talents of such luminaries as Steve Moore, Alan Moore, Brett Ewins, Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, John Cooper, Carlos Pino, Jesus Redondo, Steve Dillon, Peter Milligan and many, many more.

Stories include: