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Rogue Trooper - Biochips 03: Bagman

Released 1st Sep 2021

 He's one of Rogue Trooper's bio-chipped buddies and now he's on his own shirt!

One of the Genetic Infantrymen created to fight the war against the Norts on Nu Earth, Bagman was killed at the Quartz Zone Massacre but saved when Rogue removed his dead comrades' biochips and placed them into slots in his equipment, hoping they could one day be given new bodies. 

Although he's not always exactly stable, whether it's mini-mines, rations, lax scalpels, binoculars or any of dozens of useful items, Bagman is there to provide Rogue with what he needs to survive the battle-scarred wastelands of Nu Earth!

Created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons, the design for Bagman's bio-chip - with trademark '3' designation and skull motif - is now available on this quality T-shirt, with whole-chest and left-chest options available.

Available in both unisex and women’s cuts on Fruit of the Loom shirts.

-         Available colours: Black, White, Royal Blue, Classic Olive, Red, Yellow.

-         Available in sizes 3XL (unisex) and 2XL (women’s)

This is a print on demand T-shirt, and due to logistic and supply challenges please allow between 7-14 days for printing and dispatch.