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Judge Dredd: Year Two Omnibus

Judge Dredd: Year Two Omnibus

Released 5th Oct 2017

Cavan Scott, Matt Smith & Michael Carroll


Mega-City One, 2081. Judge Joe Dredd’s been on the beat for a year. He’s made tough calls, tackled hardbitten perps, and seen the consequences of his choices come back to bite him.

But he’s not done learning yet. Dredd’s second year on the sked will see him back out in the Cursed Earth, where right and wrong are questions that go beyond the easy answers of the Law; he’ll tackle an apparent serial killer—or more than one?—targeting journalists; and he’ll take his first real beat down, leaving him bent and broken with only his badge and his conviction to protect him…

Includes the stories Down & Out by Matt Smith, The Righteous Man by Michael Carroll and Alternative Facts by Cavan Scott, Judge Dredd: Year Two puts the city’s greatest lawman to the test.


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