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Weird Vibes and Other Tales

Weird Vibes and Other Tales

Released 18th May 2016

John Smith

From the mind of John Smith to the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine, eight stories are now together for the first time in this digital collection.

From the sublime to the downright disturbing, these stand-alone short stories feature the worlds and characters from some of John Smith's best known series.

The reptillian nun, conceptual artist and cosmic bounty hunter, Tyranny Rex, must survive Demonic forces, Occult organisations and dimension-hopping dream parasites if she wants to keep her tail in tact!

Agents of the interdimensional INDIGO PRIME continue their work repairing (and often even rebooting) universes under threat from catastophic reality-shattering events including New York disappearing due to a mass LSD trip and a powerful Vodoo Priestess resurrecting Elvis Presley by way of Magickal haircuts.

Meanwhile, vampiric Vatican agent, international celebrity and bon vivant,

Devlin Waugh, finds himself the target of an obsessed stalker and diabolic entities...