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Ro-Busters Vol 2

Released 10th Aug 2016

Book 2 in the series.

Alan Moore, Chris Stevens, Gary Rice & Pat Mills
Bryan Talbot, Dave Gibbons, Kev F Sutherland, Kevin O'Neill, Mike Dorey, Mike McMahon, Steve Dillon, Dave Harwood & Joe Eckers
Dave Gibbons & Tom Frame


The robots are in revolt! The boss of Ro-Busters Howard Quartz, also known as Mr. Ten Per Cent (90% of him is robotic), has seen his stocks plummet after the attempted demolition of Northpool. In order to avoid bankruptcy, Quartz plans to destroy a number of his robots in a staged accident!

After uncovering Quartz’s plan, Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws seek out the robot underground who begin to organise the safe evacuation of unwanted robots to a distant moon. The only thing standing in their way are the humans determined to stop the robots on their quest for freedom!

This action-packed finale to the Ro-Busters saga includes star-studded backup stories from Alan Moore, Steve Dillon and Bryan Talbot.

Stories include:

  • Creator Bios
  • Gallery

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