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Judge Dredd: The Pit

Released 20th Mar 2013

John Wagner
Alex Ronald, Carlos Ezquerra, Colin MacNeil & Lee Sullivan
Alan Craddock & Mike Hadley
Ellie De Ville & Tom Frame

Dredd Guns For Justice!

Welcome to Sector House 301, the isolated dumping ground for Mega-City One’s every misfit and foul-up Judge. Nicknamed The Pit, the sector house holds many dark secrets, and the discovery of one of them may have lead to the death of  Sector Chief Rohan. Sent to take over The Pit is Judge Dredd. Together with a small team of trusted Judges, he uncovers a trail of deceit and murder that leads to the very top levels of command. The only question is, will Dredd live long enough to bring the culprits to Justice?

Written by Dredd co-creator John Wagner (A History of Violence) and including art by comic legend Carlos Ezquerra (The Boys), this is Judge Dredd at its very best!

Stories include: