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Bad Company: Goodbye Krool World
Crueler Than Krool!

Released 8th Dec 2009

Book 1 in the series.

Peter Milligan
Brett Ewins, Jim McCarthy & Steve Dillon
Tom Frame

DANNY FRANKS KNEW THAT SIGNING UP FOR THE WAR AGAINST THE KROOL WOULD BE HARD. They kill without compassion, taking prisoners for torture and experimentation. Their armies are apparently infinite; their weapons are horrifying. But Danny had no idea that the real horrors would be his comrades!

Now Danny Franks is a reluctant member of Bad Company, an elite force of vicious killers who make the Krool look like pacifists! Led by the brutal Kano, a secretive victim of the Krool's experiments, Bad Company have blazed a trail of carnage and destruction wherever they've gone. But with Danny in tow, the Company are headed for places even they couldn't believe...

This hard-hitting and challenging future war tale features early writing by Peter Milligan (Human Target, Skreemer), with art by Brett Ewins (Johnny Nemo), Jim McCarthy (Bix Barton) and Steve Dillon (Preacher).

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