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Shakara: The Avenger

Released 1st Oct 2013

Book 1 in the series.

Robbie Morrison
Henry Flint
Ellie De Ville & Annie Parkhouse

The galaxy is in turmoil. Once a place of peace and order, now a time of terror has descended upon it, with races waging war upon one another unchecked by any authority. Planets, civilizations, even entire star systems face total annihilation or enslavement. But a vengeful figure has emerged from the chaos, striking at targets with a ruthless determination. This alien being calls itself Shakara and it is seemingly bent on wreaking revenge on those responsible for the destruction of its people. The Shakara were thought to be long dead – but retribution is coming from beyond the grave!

Written by Robbie Morrison (Nikolai Dante) and beautifully illustrated by Henry Flint (The A.B.C. Warriors), Shakara is a thrill-packed slice of 2000 AD at its very best.

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