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Sinister Dexter: Money Shots
Automatic To The People!

Released 9th Dec 2009

Dan Abnett
Andy Clarke, Ian Richardson, Nigel Raynor, Patrick Goddard, Simon Davis, Stephen Baskerville, Steve Roberts & Lee Townsend
Chris Blythe, Len O'Grady & Fully Painted
Ellie De Ville

In the decaying future Euro-sprawl of Downlode, Finnigan R. Sinister and Ramone A. W. Dexter are the best contract killers money can buy. They’re bloody buddies with chalk outlines around their souls. You name it, they maim it!

Written by Dan Abnett (Kingdom) and featuring the art of Simon Davis (Stone Island) and Andy Clarke (Aquaman) amongst others, this collection of irreverent adventures shoots to thrill!

Stories include:


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