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Giving It Both Barrels!

Released 1st Jan 2014

Book 1 in the series.

Chris Lowder, Gerry Finley-Day, Nick Flynn, Pat Mills & Nick Allen
Cam Kennedy, Carlos Pino, Eric Bradbury, Ian Kennedy, Jesus Blasco, Luis Collado, Mike Dorey, Pat Wright & Sarompas
Bill Nuttall, Jack Potter, Tom Frame, John Aldrich, Peter Knight & Tony Jacob

A FIFTY-MEGATON BOMB HITS THE MIDLANDS, deadly paratroopers descend from the skies, politicians are hung from lampposts in Parliament Square and the Royal Family flee to exile in Canada. This is the Volgan invasion of Britain and soon this once mighty land lies in anguish under the boot-heel of tyranny. But one man will make a stand. Lorry driver Bill Savage returns to London to find that a stray shell has destroyed his family home, killing his wife and kids. Grabbing his trusty shooter he swears vengeance against the Volgs and leads the resistance. The war may be over for Britain, but for Bill Savage it has only just begun!

Created by Pat Mills (Slaine) and co-scripted with Gerry Finley-Day (Rogue Trooper) amongst others, Invasion! is classic 2000 AD.

Stories include:


  • Introduction By Pat Mills
  • Bonus Story
  • Author Biographies

Products in this series include: