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Strontium Dog: Outlaw [B-FORMAT]

Released 10th Feb 2016

Alan Grant & John Wagner
Carlos Ezquerra
Jack Potter

Their Name Is Stix... They Have Revenge In Mind!

Due to popular demand for more 2000 AD B-Format releases of portable thrills that can fit in your pocket, Strontium Dog gets the B-Format treatment with the classic story, Outlaw!

In the far future Strontium-90 fallout has created a race of mutants, outcasts from society, despised by the ‘norms’ and given only the dirtiest job – bounty hunting. Johnny Alpha is one such mutant, working for the Search/Destroy Agency, hunting down criminals for the Galactic Crime Commission.

The inhabitants of Jock’s Landing on the water world of Och-Eleven have been slaughtered and everyone thinks Johnny Alpha and his partner Wulf are the murderers! Framed by two sinister Stix brothers in retaliation for the murder of their sibling, the hunters become the hunted and must evade a legion of Strontium Dogs whilst trying to clear their names.

Stories include:


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