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Staz Johnson

Staz Johnson

Stewart "Staz" Johnson started his artistic career working on RPG magazines. From there he got work at Marvel UK where he worked on weekly comic book series such as Transformers and Action Force. From 1995 to 2003 he worked exclusively for DC Comics, initially on a six issue storyline in Detective Comics #689-694 (September 1995- February 1996) which led to stints as regular penciller of Robin (1996-1999) and Catwoman (2000-2001). His most recent work for DC was the inter-company crossover Batman/Aliens II limited series in 2003. Since 2003 he has mostly worked for Marvel. Recent titles he has contributed to include Wolverine (2003), Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure #1 (2003), Spider-Man 2: The Movie (2004), New X-Men (2004), Underworld (2006), Cable & Deadpool (2006) and Civil War: War Crimes (2007).

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