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Synnamon » Facing Mecha

The United States of Earth, 2123. SYNNAMON is the top agent for Earth's External Security Directorate, working - often undercover - across the colonised worlds of U.S,E to destabilise any threats to the system. Enhanced with state-of-the-art photo-epidermal tattoos - giving her a chameleon quality and the ability to project information across her skin - she also has retinal/neural implants delivering instant information directly to her brain from her surly and smart-mouthed A.I. companion Ascheta. Capable of transferring itself from combat unit to starship, Ascheta is the highly advanced prototype of A.I. technology developed by Macaulay Industries. Sexy and seductive, woe betide anyone who stands between Synnamon and her mission...

New thrill!

Episodes include: