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Stone Island » The Harrowers

Dartmoor, 2007. On this vast and desolate moorland stands the remains of Long Barrow Maximum Security Prison, scene of an alien incursion. Once home to some of the UK's most dangerous inmates, with the arrival of new fish David Sorrel - convicted of murdering his wife and love - something terrifying took over the prisoners, their bodies mutating into flesh-hungry creatures. The monsters ran rampant, the few remaining survivors battling to escape their clutches, until it was revealed that Sorrel was a bridgehead to another dimension, his incarceration deliberate so the alien entities could invade Earth through those that they possessed. Despite Long Barrow's eventual destruction, other prisons around the country were being used for a similar purpose, and it seemed humanity's problems were only just beginning...

First and final episodes double length.

Anthologies include:

Episodes include: