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Hawk The Slayer Bundle

Hawk The Slayer Bundle

Released 11th May 2022

It’s the low budget British 1980s sword-and-sorcery epic that inspired a generation – and now the saga of Hawk the Slayer continues!

Pre-order all five issues of this limited edition comic book sequel by hit writer Garth Ennis (The BoysPreacher) and legendary artist Henry Flint (Judge Dredd)!

With a new, epic story – and even a recap of the much-loved original movie – this US comic book format series sees Hawk once again assemble a team of warriors to confront the returning evil! The Mind Sword - they may be the key to saving the world, but is it also responsible for the resurgence of these ungodly forces?

By purchasing a bundle, you will receive already-published issues and future issues as they are released.

In this bundle: