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Bec & Kawl: Bloody Students
They're Here To Save The World... Kinda!

Released 13th Aug 2013

Simon Spurrier
Steve Roberts
Richard Elson
Ellie De Ville, Tom Frame & Annie Parkhouse

Becky Miller and Jarrod Kawl are a pair of students sharing a flat in the less-than-salubrious Swineboil Apartments. He's a stoner movie geek, she's a power-crazed Goth artist ­ together, they're a magnet for every demonic incursion and ectoplasmic event going. They could be mankind's last hope against the terrors from beyond­ if they could only get off their arses.

Simon Spurrier (The Simping Detective) is joined by artist Steve Roberts (Sinister Dexter) in this irreverent romp into the world of the occult and the downright weird!

Stories include: