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Mean Team
Maim! Capture! Kill! For Your Entertainment!

Digital Edition - 12th Aug 2013

Book in the series

Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Hilary Robinson, John Wagner
Massimo Belardinelli, Ron Smith
Jack Potter, John Aldrich, Steve Potter, Tom Frame, Tony Jacob

In the year 2886, Death-Bowl is the most popular sport in the galaxy. In the history of the game, ‘Bad’ Jack Keller and his squad of hardened killers, known as the Mean Team, have racked up more wins than anyone else – their incentive being the hope of freedom! But team owner Richman Von is not so eager to lose him champions, So Jack, Amok the alien Beester, the robotic steelgrip and Henry Moon – the telepath trapped inside the body of a panther, will have to bring their battle out of the arenas and out into the big, wide world!

Written by 2000 AD legends John Wagner (Judge Dredd), Alan Grant (Mazeworld), Alan Hebden (Meltdown Man) and including the breathtaking artwork of Massimo Belardinelli (Ace Trucking) This complete collection of violent, action-packed adventure makes Rollerball look like a kiddie’s tiddlywinks contest!

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