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ABC Warriors: The Mek Files 01

Released 17th Jul 2014

Book 1 of 3 in the series.

Pat Mills
Brendan McCarthy, Brett Ewins, Carlos Ezquerra, Dave Gibbons, Kevin O'Neill, Mike McMahon, Simon Bisley & SMS
Dave Gibbons, Jack Potter, Peter Knight & Steve Potter


Whether they are policing the lawless frontier on Mars or saving the galaxy from artificial black holes, the A.B.C. Warriors always succeed!

Featuring a roster of the deadliest robots ever assembled, including war-weary leader Hammerstein, super-cool assassin Joe Pineapples, master manipulator Blackblood, the hulking Mongrol and his goo-tastic friend The Mess, disciple of Khaos Deadlock and the psychotic battle tank Mek-Quake, the Warriors go where humans fear to tread! Find out who they are and how they became the most formidable fighting force in the galaxy by reading this fantastic collection containing their earliest adventures.

Written and co-created by 2000 AD mastermind Pat Mills (Marshal Law), the A.B.C. Warriors features art from Britain’s finest talent, including Kevin O’Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) Mick McMahon (Sláine), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd), Brendan McCarthy (Skin) and Simon Bisley (Lobo).

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