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Brass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds
Praise Be To The Cog!

Digital Edition - 3rd Dec 2014

Issue of 6

Ian Edginton
INJ Culbard

A large, gigantic mechanical solar system is dying. The brass sun that gives life to the dozens of worlds has started to slow, freezing the outer worlds and killing off the inhabitants.

On one such world, known as Hind Leg, a young girl named Wren is given part of the secret of the lost key that has the power to restart the sun again. Charged with travelling across the various worlds to pick up other parts of the key which was broken up after The Great War, this unlikely heroine alone possesses the power to save the galaxy from extinction!

From the creative team behind New Deadwardians, Ian Edginton (Stickleback, Ampney Crucis Investigates) and I.N.J. Culbard (The Picture of Dorian Gray, Deadbeats) Brass Sun is a unique fantasy adventure, executed with panache.

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