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Planet of the Damned
Worlds Of The Weird!

Digital Edition - 8th Mar 2016

Book in the series

Alan Hebden, Pat Mills
Alfonso Azpiri, Horacio Lalia, Pena, Cesar Lopez Vera, Lopez

Beyond the Bermuda triangle lies a world, so hostile to human beings, that those stranded there know it as ‘The Planet Of the Damned!’

When a Tri-Star jet crashes on this treacherous world, the survivors find themselves being relentlessly attacked by all forms native flora and fauna, including the monstrous Ab-humans. Fortunately they are discovered by Flint – another human resident stranded on this world long ago. With their axe-wielding guide in taking charge, some of the survivors may just find a way to return home alive!

It’s the 23rd century and the starship Eternity sets out from Earth carrying a cargo of colonists bound for new lives on distant worlds. When the ship is knocked off course, crashing on an unknown alien planet, Commander Lorna Varn and colonist leader Richard Cory must set aside their differences and work together to keep everyone alive. 

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