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Due to the strain on both national and international deliveries we are experiencing some delays on the arrival of orders dispatched.

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2000 AD prog 2280

2000 AD prog 2280
Hi Octane Sci-Fi Action

Released 3rd May 2022

Karl Stock, James Peaty, David Barnett & Honor Vincent
Xulia Vincente, Anna Morozova, Nick Roche, V.V. Glass & Luke Horsman
John Charles & Matt Soffe
Annie Parkhouse, Jim Campbell & Simon Bowland
Cover Artist
Chris Wildgoose


Episodes include:

Cadet Dredd » Red Medicine (part 1)

Mega-City One, 2076 AD. Home to over 800 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. On one side is the polluted Black Atlantic, and to the west is the blasted radlands of the Cursed Earth. Overcrowding in the metropolis is rife, unemployment is at ninety per cent, boredom is universal and crime is rampant. Only the Judges — a zero-tolerance police force empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. CADET JOE DREDD — together with his clone-brother Rico — is a rising star in Justice Department, and will one day be its finest officer. Make no mistake, he is the Law!

Lowborn High » New Story (part 1)

For as long as anyone can remember, Wychdusk Manor has been the school to which all the top magical novices are sent, where they are trained to become the world’s greatest wizards. There, students are taught every form of spellcasting by the wisest of mages, and to be part of Wychdusk’s alumni is an incredible honour. But what about those that don’t make the grade, that don’t have the talent or the family name to make it to this prestigious establishment? For them, there’s LOWBORN HIGH, a rundown inner-city comprehensive that is often struggling with funding, but its pupils can still be capable of some truly amazing feats...

Future Shocks » Smart Home (part 1)

Out in the vast reaches of the universe, there are an infinite number of stories waiting to be told. These cautionary tales pass from traveller to traveller in the spaceports and around campfires on distant planets, acquiring the status of legend, their shocking ends a salutory lesson in hubris. Anything is possible in these twisted trips into the galaxy’s dark side. Abandon your preconceptions, and expect the unexpected. Now, at some point in the future, household items will become increasingly more sophisticated, capable of independent thought. Connected to a network, would these domestic A.I.s communicate with each other...?

The Unteachables » New Story! (part 1)

The near future. Society is in collapse, and lawlessness is rife. Anarchy rules in the streets. Schools are no different, and there are few where teachers are still willing to try to instil some kind of authority — the kids are taking over, turning the institutions into their own little kingdoms. Class Omega-Default IV is one of the unruliest bunch of children to ever have been seated before a blackboard, and it’s a brave ‘dult that tries to tell Slug, Sonia, Dev, Everly, Sparks, Freddy, Mud, Velta, Ava and Arthur what to do. But there are tutors who are willing to take up the challenge when they receive the call...

Chopper » what goes up... (part 1)

Mega-City One, 2103 AD. Marlon Shakespeare was just an ordinary juve in the vast twenty-second century metropolis, and like most of his generation had little to no prospects, expecting a future of unemployment and boredom. His parents have already embraced the meaninglessness of life in the Big Meg, and spend their days heading eggs into a bucket or washing up. But Marlon was determined to make a name for himself, and under the alias CHOPPER, became a famous scrawler, spraying his tag in the most audacious of places. He was eventually arrested and served an iso-cube sentence, but he’s now out, and taking up skysurfing...