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Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate

Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate

Released 10th May 2021

Adventure Presents is a new Role-Playing Game anthology series. Each issue is a stand-alone game for up to seven players, from some of the most exciting RPG designers and artists in the industry.

Designed for ease of play for veterans and newbies alike, all you need to play is the magazine, some pencils and three six-sided dice.

The rules and format are designed around accessibility and ease of play for beginner and established players alike. First time role players can read the four-page rule sheet, choose the most fun sounding character, and get straight to playing.

Tartarus Gate

It’s the year 2130. You are an unpaid intern aboard the transport ship Charon, entrusted with shepherding cargo from Earth to the Tartarus Gate Waystation. Visual feeds with the lower decks have gone down. Something is moving. You’re six months’ travel from the nearest help. And you really need to impress your employer if you want to be made permanent.

Tartarus Gate includes:
• A twenty-four page fully illustrated adventure booklet.
• A separate pull-out section of supporting characters and antagonists for the GM.
• Six character sheets with pre-generated characters and relevant handouts.
• A four-page rules sheet containing the complete rules to the game.
• Duplicate copies of various map handouts.

For bonus digital files to allow for online play using a single copy of the game click here.