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Judge Dredd: Case Files 05
The Law At War!

Print Edition - 8th Dec 2009

Book 5 in the series

Paperback: 384 pages
ISBN-13: 9781905437085
Weight: 820 g

Alan Grant, John Wagner
Barry Mitchell, Brian Bolland, Carlos Ezquerra, Colin Wilson, Ian Gibson, John Cooper, Mike McMahon, Ron Smith, Steve Dillon
Tom Frame

Judge Dredd rides into action in this fifth volume collecting together some of his most exciting cases. Arch-nemesis Judge Death rises from the grave once again in 'Judge Death Lives', citizen is pitted against citizen in 'Block Mania' and the apocalypse comes to Mega-City One in the all-time classic Dredd epic, 'The Apocalypse War'.

Stories include:


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