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A.B.C. Warriors: The Volgan War Vol. 4- Hardback
All Floppies Must Die!

Print Edition - 8th Jun 2011

Book 4 of 4

Pat Mills
Clint Langley
Simon Bowland

Volkhan and his elite Volgan robot army are ready to attack the Red House and bring down the ruling human confederacy. Only the ABC Warriors stand in their way. Against overwhelming odds Steelhorn must locate the deadly weapon known as the 'Implosion Hammer' in order to try and turn the tide of battle.

Will the remaining Warriors survive long enough to find their missing comrade 'Z'?

Nothing can prepare you for this mind-blowing finale from 2000 AD legend Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock, Charley’s War) and artist extraordinaire Clint Langley (Sláine, American Reaper).

Stories include:


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