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Nikolai Dante 10: Hero of the Revolution

Released 12th Aug 2013

Robbie Morrison
John Burns & Simon Fraser
Gary Caldwell
Annie Parkhouse & Simon Bowland


Year of the Tsar 2676 AD. The bastard son of the Romanovs, Nikolai Dante, leads a rebellion against Vladimir the Conqueror. Supported by the tyrant’s daughter, Jena Makarov, his mother the pirate queen Katarina Dante, and some of his weapons-crest-enabled siblings, can Dante defeat his nemesis and bring peace to the empire, or is there another fiendish figure preparing to take control?

With gripping writing from Robbie Morrison (Shakara, The Authority) and jaw-dropping art from Simon Fraser (Lilly MacKenzie and the Mines of Charbydis) and John Burns (Bendatti Vendetta), prepare for a wild ride of action and intrigue as Nikolai Dante’s epic adventure gets closer to a mind-blowing conclusion!

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