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It Amused Shako To See The Human Squirm!

Print Edition - 25th Feb 2013

Book in the series

John Wagner, Pat Mills
Ramon Sola, Juan Arancio, Dodderio, Lopez Vera
Jack Potter, John Aldrich, Peter Knight, Tony Jacob

When a US Air Force plane crashes within the Arctic Circle, Shako – the terror of the frozen wastes – arrives at the crash site, getting his first taste of human flesh! Unfortunately for the C.I.A. Shako has swallowed a top secret capsule, and now they must track down the savage beast to retrieve it. This won’t be an easy task as Shako hates mankind, and what Shako hates, Shako destroys!

Written by 2000 AD legends Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock, Charley’s War) and John Wagner (A History of Violence, Judge Dredd), with stunning art from a number of European artists, including Ramon Sola (Flesh), Shako is a bear necessity for all comic book fans.

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