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Judge Anderson: The Psi Files Volume 05
Head Games In The 'big Meg!'

Print Edition - 10th Aug 2016

Book 5 in the series

Alan Grant
Arthur Ranson, Boo Cook, Dave Taylor, Robin Smith, Darren Douglas
Len O'Grady, Fully Painted
Annie Parkhouse, Ellie De Ville, Simon Bowland

PSI-Division's toughest Judge, Cassandra Anderson, returns to the streets of Mega-City One, having awoken from the coma she fell into following her exposure to the Half-Live virus.  

But there is no respite for the veteran Psi Judge. City-wide disasters face her at every turn, including everything from a hideous new disease manufactured by the Sisters of Death and block-sized city-stomping robots!

The ongoing adventures of Judge Anderson are chronicled by 2000 AD legend Alan Grant  (Judge Dredd, Monster) and features dazzling artwork from Dave Taylor (Batman), Boo Cook (A.B.C. Warriors) and Arthur Ranson (Buttonman).

Stories include:


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