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Scarlet Traces Vol. 1 [BOOKPLATE]

Print Edition - 11th Jan 2017

Only 150 copies of this exclusive limited edition, which comes with a numbered bookplate, signed by both the artist and writer, and an exclusive B&W original print by D'Israeli.

Ian Edginton

THE CHANCES OF ANYTHING COMING FROM MARS ARE A MILLION TO ONE, HE SAID. But still they came. In the last years of the Nineteenth Century England fell to the Martians. The population was devastated, but the Martians were wiped out and Britain survived. A decade later, the British Empire has rebuilt and expanded its influence using the alien technology that brought it to its knees. Captain Robert Autumn and his manservant, Archie Currie, investigate the disappearance of Archie’s niece and uncover the sinister conspiracy behind the empire’s power!

This volume collects Ian Edginton’s and D’Israeli’s critically acclaimed comic book adaption of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and the sequel, Scarlet Traces.

Stories include:


My Basket