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Stalag 666 » Stalag 666

The Terran colonies, 2247. Ten years ago, humanity went to war with the Shh'keen, a cold-blooded, reptilian alien race. However, many of the outer colonies turned their backs on the Terran government and aligned themselves with the 'Snakes', becoming warriors for the Shh'keen cause. Nicknamed 'Mussolinis' by loyalist Earth soldier, these traitors are considered even lower than the Snakes themselves. The conflict has raged for a decade, with no end in sight - and for those captured in battle it becomes an eternal wait in prisoner of war camps dotted around the galaxy, hoping to be rescued, helpless against the cruelties inflicted by the Shh'keen. With the Snakes moving the camps before they can be discovered, the thought of escape keeps the prisoners going - if the mythical Raider has managed it, so can they...

New thrill! First episode double length

Episodes include: